S P A C E OF E I R I S Sunniva Eira Sætereng

Space. A space. The space. The right space. The wrong space. Inner space. Outer space. The space around us. The space between us. Positive space. Negative space. Space in time. Space to think. Space to be. Space to move.

I can smell

I can taste

I can hear

I can feel

I can see

A physical, sensory exploration of the notion of space

From the deep dark centre of your iris

In a choir of voices

Iris, ancient Greek messenger and goddess of the rainbow, the sea and the sky

Eris, ancient Greek outsider and goddess of discord and chaos


Eir, Norse goddess of healing

Gathers in

Space of Eiris.

About the Artist

Sunniva Eira Sætereng wonders how the body moves to express itself. What drives us to make a move. She explores communication through a visceral language heavily based on sensory perception. With the use of light, darkness, movement, voice, and experimentation with sound, Sunniva wants to challenge the notion of a creative activism.

Contact: sunniva_eira@hotmail.com