Majestree Marie Stork

The roots of Majestree reach all the way to Norwegian landscapes, heritage and mythology. Norse mythology believed the tree Yggdrasil to be the heart of the earth, claiming the one who wants to understand the world, needs to first understand Yggdrasil. Majestree explores earthly topics of disconnection and connection, vulnerability and support, slowing down to find what truly matters and letting go of what needs released.

Tune into the power of the tree.

Let yourself be enriched by what truly matters  in the space and moment in time.

Test the support, and dwell in peace, appreciation and freedom.

Let go of your restricting boundaries and tune into what Majestree has to offer to you.

The work finds strength in nurturing and nourishing our vulnerability and moving on to a pathway of good health and rejoicing…

In the spirit of seasonal changes, please leaf your mind to rest  and your body and spirit ready  to be cared for.


About the Artist

Marie Stork is a performance artist from Norway, currently based in Glasgow. With a playful nature she explores the power to change, connect and communicate. To create a more vibrant world. The contexts she works within varies, from museum, festival and social settings to the stage and site specific works.