If I Could… Rachel-Jane Morrison

‘If I Could…’ is a performance in which the Rachel-Jane questions and decodes her context as a young woman within her family as well as socially and politically. Tracing and exploring her female genealogy backwards, unearthing and remembering stories from her female family members, she questions what is passed on and down, and what can she arm herself with for the future.

Rachel-Jane questions and imagines who she will be and can be in years to come as her life changes and she progresses further into womanhood.


About the Artist

Rachel-Jane Morrison is a theatre maker, facilitator and performer who is currently interested in exploring what it means to be a socio-political practitioner and who works in various communities. Based in Fife, Rachel-Jane wants to create a collective that has a contemporary performance focus that all theatre students and practitioners can access. Rachel-Jane believes great theatre to be engaging, political and responsive to the community that the work is being created from.