Bedroom Rockstar Tammy Millar

Tammy has a secret.

A secret she’s never told anyone.

This is because, in her words, ‘it’s dumb’.

Tammy wants to be a rockstar


She’s not sure what that means or how to be one.

And she’s maybe just a little bit terrified of trying to figure that out.

Bedroom Rockstar is a performance about self-confidence, stage fright and what it means to be a musician.


About the Artist

Tammy Millar is a multi-disciplinary artist and self-taught musician from Elgin, Morayshire. She’s also a nerd, a goth-punk hybrid and a native Doric speaker.

She is interested in mass media and how people engage with it – which movies, tv shows, games, apps and internet memes strike a chord in our lives, and what that says about us.

Through film/video, live/recorded music and maybe just a little bit of her own life experience, Tammy aims to explore what it is that makes up an identity – when it comes down to expressing ourselves and saying who we are, what really matters?