Babes in the Wood, from Power to Pie! Kieran McMath

Pantoland is in trouble! Mareasa Tay has just become the new Prime Minister and with the help of her mangy mutt Boris she can do whatever she wants.

First on her agenda – bring back the old grammars! Mareasa will do whatever she needs to, even if that means killing school children in the woods…

Will Panto High School be replaced? Will School Dinners Incorporated be forced to close? Will Mareasa succeed, or will she end up in a huge, big Mareasa Pie?


About the Artist

Kieran McMath is a performer, theatre maker, and facilitator based in Glasgow. He creates performance that responds to current political and societal issues. He is interested in how performance can take the world, flip it on its head and spin it around a few times in order to see it from a different perspective. Kieran aims to create performance in which we can imagine our world in different ways.