Into The New 2017

Welcome & Introduction

Principal of The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Professor Jeffrey Sharkey

A warm welcome to 'Into the New 2017'

This festival is conceived, created, written and devised by our Contemporary Performance Practice Students. These students have devoted the past four years exploring their own artistic practice and how it can best contribute towards positive social and environmental change in our world. Their work can been found in such a wide range of places – from theatres to prisons, from gritty streets to bucolic retreats. Wherever you find their work, it has a conscience and a meaning designed to hold a mirror up to us all of what we might not be seeing and of what the possibilities could be. There is much to explore in this festival – some of it will challenge you, some will inspire and all of it has the potential to change the way you perceive our world.

Introduction from the Head of Performance Pedagogy and the CPP Staff Team

""“Be careful to take risks. Time is genetic. Today is the child of yesterday and the parent of tomorrow. The work you produce today will create your future.”

For the class of 2017 Into The New celebrates the work of four years of study on the BA Contemporary Performance Practice programme. During this time these artists have been carefully taking risks. They have put themselves and their ideas on the line over and over again. At Into The New you will be invited to take some careful risks in witnessing performances that challenge and inspire. Artists risking their eco-centric selves interrogating the life of bees, artists risking the naming of colonialism and cultural appropriation, and artists even risking a political alternative to Scotland’s best loved genre – the pantomime. They hope that these risks will pay off and that you will see how the work they produce today creates their and somehow all of our futures. We have enjoyed working with all of them to carefully create the conditions for this work to be produced. Take a risk and enjoy!

Deborah Richardson-Webb
Steven Anderson
Josh Armstrong
Laura Bissell
Gary Gardiner
Peter McMaster